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At my acupuncture clinic I practice traditional Oriental Medicine, a holistic medical system which has helped billions of people over the past 5,000 years. I use its time proven, effective and drug free methods to support your body's natural healing process. Symptoms as well as the underlying causes of your illness are treated. In addition to symptomatic relief you'll feel an increase in vitality and overall sense of well being from your treatments.

In oriental medicine there is a saying:

Where there is BLOCKAGE there is PAIN.
Where there is NO BLOCKAGE there is NO PAIN.

Research about how acupuncture works is ongoing in both the western medical community and in Asia. While the mechanisms are not clear, acupuncture causes the body to release endorphins which make it particularly effective in treating pain. Acupuncture affects sugar metabolism, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in the blood, and has a regulating effect on the endocrine system. Acupuncture works to release blockages in the body which deplete the body’s vital energy, called Qi (pronounced chee). Qi can be used as a qualitative description of all the biological and cellular processes in the body, sort of a gestalt of the body. As the proper energy flow is restored and balanced, the body is able to heal more quickly and more completely. For pain relief and relieving side effects from medication, nobody can touch us!

Lisa Ledbetter, L.Ac. provides Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Dietary Therapy, Trigger Point Injection, and the Guna Method Facial Rejuvenation. Call 303-934-3753 to make an appointment that will change your life.


When it was first suggested that I try acupuncture for my chronic and debilitating allergies, I was convinced it would be a total waste of time and money. After all, I had been seeing prominent allergists both in California and Colorado. I had endured 5 years of weekly injections to “desensitize” my body, no longer had any pets in the home and had air conditioning and a filter system to weed out the allergens. Yet every summer, I was no more than merely “functional”, in a complete fog of prescription drugs, steroid nasal sprays and over the counter medications. The best way to describe my life was that I constantly felt as if I was functioning under water, not to mention the possible long term effects of all those drugs. I could not have been more wrong about my initial hesitation concerning acupuncture. After just two visits with Lisa, I felt better than I had in 29 years. After a total of 4 visits, I was able to stop all medications except for some herbs used only occasionally. It is impossible to describe the relief I have experienced. I had two years of no allergy symptoms at all. When it seemed to be starting back up, I returned for several “refresher” sessions. Again, total relief. Lisa was also able to significantly improve arthritic pain in my wrists and shoulders and I can not express my gratitude enough. The treatments are painless and the results are remarkable. I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa Ledbetter.

- C.K. Castle Rock, CO


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